Curriculum is mainly based on the NCF 2005. We follow text books which are based on NCERT syllabus. Teaching is through activities. More emphasis is given to practical work.

Value Based Education is given:

Education should aim at multifaceted development of a human being – intellectual, physical, spiritual, and ethical development.

Evaluation and Assessment:

A continuous and comprehensive evaluation for the students is followed. It facilitates and brings greater vibrancy in scholastic as well as co-scholastic pursuits and provides the students opportunity to expand and diversify their interests and find avenues for exhibition of their talents. The academic performance of the students is reflected in the form of grades and evaluation is based on the student’s participation and performance in class activities, homework, group work, work sheet, project work, reading and comprehension skills , morning assembly activity , individual and group behaviour.

There are two terms in one academic session:

Term 1 – Two formative assessments (FA1 & FA2) followed by First Summative Assessment ( SA1)

Term 2 – Two formative assessments (FA3 + FA4) followed by Second Summative Assessment (SA2)